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About Us

Hansway International Pte Ltd

Hansway International Pte Ltd is to be a global leader in the shipping industry, and we are committed to achieving this through our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Hansway International Pte Ltd is a shipping company founded in 2022 by Franky Tan, a highly experienced professional in the shipping industry with over 20 years of expertise. Franky Tan previously had a successful track record with PT. Hansway Indonesia – Batam, and he decided to expand his business by establishing Hansway International Pte Ltd. The company aims to become a leading and reputable player in the international marine market.

As a shipping company, Hansway International Pte Ltd likely offers a range of services related to the transportation of goods via sea. These services may include freight forwarding, cargo handling, vessel chartering, logistics management, and other related activities. With Franky Tan’s extensive experience and expertise, the company is likely to have a strong focus on providing efficient and reliable shipping solutions to its clients.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in the shipping and marine industry, both locally and internationally


Your problem is our priority

Putting customer satisfaction at the forefront is vital for building long-term relationships and a strong reputation in the industry. Hansway International Pte Ltd has achieved this by understanding and meeting the unique needs of its customers, providing reliable and personalized services, and ensuring effective communication and responsiveness throughout the process.