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Shipping Agency

The Shipping Agency is fully responsible and obliged to ensure that ships visiting its port of operation are served and provided with all goods and services required by the ship in a timely manner.

As a ship chandler, we are pleased to offer a wide range of supplies and provisions to meet the needs of vessels during their port calls or while at sea.

Cargo Transhipment

As a part of our comprehensive shipping services, we offer cargo transshipment. This service involves the transfer of goods from one vessel to another during their journey. Our team of experts handles all aspects of cargo transshipment, including logistics, coordination,

Crew Husbandry

We offer comprehensive crew formalities services, including crew change arrangements, transportation, and accommodation. Our experienced team ensures a seamless process for crew members, minimizing their time spent onshore and allowing for a smooth transition.

Document Arrangement

Our company provides efficient document arrangement services to ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Our experienced team is equipped to handle all necessary documentation, including customs clearance and cargo declarations

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