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Crew Husbandry

Crew Husbandry

Crew husbandry, also known as crew management or crew logistics, refers to the range of services provided to support the needs of seafarers during their time onshore. As part of our comprehensive crew husbandry services, we offer various solutions to ensure a seamless process for crew members, minimizing their time spent onshore and facilitating a smooth transition. Here’s an overview of the services we provide:

We offer comprehensive crew formalities services, including crew change arrangements, transportation, and accommodation. Our experienced team ensures a seamless process for crew members, minimizing their time spent onshore and allowing for a smooth transition.

  • Crew Change Arrangements: Our experienced team manages the logistics and coordination involved in crew changes. We handle the necessary arrangements for crew arrivals and departures, including transportation to and from the airport or seaport. We work closely with shipping companies, immigration authorities, and travel agencies to ensure a smooth transition for crew members.
  • Transportation: We arrange for reliable transportation services to facilitate the movement of crew members between airports, seaports, and accommodation facilities. Our team ensures that crew members are transported safely and efficiently, minimizing any potential delays or disruptions.
  • Accommodation: We assist in arranging suitable accommodation for crew members during their onshore stay. We consider their specific requirements and preferences to ensure comfortable and convenient lodging options. Whether it’s hotels, guesthouses, or designated crew accommodations, we work diligently to secure appropriate arrangements.
  • Immigration and Visa Assistance: Our team provides support with immigration and visa-related matters to ensure compliance with regulations. We assist with visa applications, extensions, and other necessary documentation, liaising with relevant authorities to streamline the process for crew members.
  • Concierge Services: We understand that crew members may have various needs during their onshore stay. Our team offers concierge services to assist with any additional requirements, such as arranging local transportation, coordinating medical appointments, or providing information about local attractions and amenities.

By offering comprehensive crew husbandry services, we aim to create a hassle-free experience for crew members during their onshore stay. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable support, ensuring that crew changes and transitions are handled seamlessly.