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Shipping Agency

Shipping Agency and Cargo Transhipment

Welcome to Hansway International‘s Shipping Agency Services. We are your trusted partner in the maritime industry, dedicated to ensuring that ships visiting our port of operation receive comprehensive and timely services. Our commitment is to facilitate seamless port calls and support the efficient movement of goods and vessels. The Shipping Agency is fully responsible and obliged to ensure that ships visiting its port of operation are served and provided with all goods and services required by the ship in a timely manner.

There are several popular shipping agencies in Singapore, such as  Hansway International. These shipping agencies offer a wide range of services, including freight forwarding, customs clearance, cargo handling, and shipping agency services.  Prior to the arrival of the ship to a port, the shipping agency will receive a nomination (election) from the ship’s owner/charterer or a future port call. After the nomination is received, the shipping agency begins to prepare for the ship’s visit.

Providing protection agent services (supervising cargo operations during the port to avoid losses/problems on the ship)


  • Port Coordination :
    We take charge of every aspect of a ship’s visit to our port, from arrival to departure. Our experienced team coordinates vessel berthing, pilotage services, and tug assistance, ensuring safe and efficient navigation.
  • Provisioning :
    Your vessel’s needs are our priority. We supply all necessary provisions, including food, fuel, water, and medical supplies, ensuring that your crew and vessel are well-equipped for their journey.
  • Customs and Immigration :
    We handle all customs and immigration formalities efficiently, ensuring compliance with regulations and a smooth transition for your crew.
  • Cargo Handling :
    Our team manages the loading and unloading of cargo with precision and care. We guarantee the safe and timely transfer of goods, minimizing downtime.
  • Crew Services :
    From crew changes to accommodations and welfare, we cater to the needs of your crew, ensuring their well-being during their stay in our port.
  • Documentation :
    We manage all paperwork and documentation, including clearance certificates, cargo manifests, and port-related permits, to streamline your vessel’s visit.